Regzbot code published and running now to see how it works

Tick tick, is this thing still on? Sorry for being quiet many weeks, I was busy writing regzbot, the "Linux kernel regression tracking bot". And you know how it is: after "ohh, this is going quicker than expected" this thing called reality catches up. Yeah, that things that presents lots of obstacles and tells you to throw away and reimplement some parts to make things really fly. And yes, there were other distractions as well – like Twitter and this "to earn enough money, I occasionally still need to write an article or two" thing.

Nevertheless: I published the inital regzbot source code. But don't look to closely, my programming skills were rustier then I expected… :-/ But all the major functionality is there, just ignored some corner cases to see if they actually are relevant in the end anyway.

Additionally, I have regzbot regularly running locally now and from today on I will actually use it to track regressions reports. That way I hope to shake out the biggest bugs without annoying anyone else. The regzbot webview is online as well, but empty as of now; but that will change over the next few days and week.

For this initial testing I will use it as intended: reply to mails on public lists with the #regbot tag and commands, which makes regzbot do its thing. Feel free to ignore those mails for now. You are also free to use the regzbot commands yourself, but better wait a few week and leave things to me for now, then only I have to deal with things that don't properly work yet. But if you want to use it, note that since the detailed introduction post there were a few small changes to the list of commands understood by regzbot. See the README for a list of commands and how to use them. But as I said: best leave things to me for now.